My Story

I grew up in Antigonish, Nova Scotia - a small town on the east coast of Canada. I went to a French-immersion school and graduated with a French Language Certificate.

I enrolled at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and graduated with a degree in Public Relations in 2008. I was offered a job while I was still in school and worked as a Communications & Energy Programs Officer for the Canadina Home Builders’ Association - Nova Scotia for almost three years.


In 2009 I left my job, sold most of my possessions, and went on a year-long trip to Latin America. For the first three months I worked as a teacher at The Sierra Flor School in Ecuador before traveling across South America, Central America and Mexico. Old videos from my adventure can still be found here.

When I returned to Canada in 2010 I planted roots in Toronto, Ontario and founded OX Agency, a marketing agency specializing in graphic design and branding. The early days were challenging, but over time I learned invaluable entrepreneurial skills. I built a talented team, a set of proven processes, and a dedicated client base.

I grew the agency step by step, eventually servicing dozens of clients a year and winning a few awards along the way.


In 2016 I closed OX and started freelancing as a Brand Strategist. A year later, In 2017, I became the Chief Creative Officer at We Make Things, a brand strategy agency in Toronto.

In the summer of 2019, I moved to Los Angeles, California where I now live with my partner and our two dogs.


A few quick facts about me: