Live from the stage/my workspace

My name is Adam and I’m a Brand Strategist located in Los Angeles, California.

What the heck is a brand strategist?
Great question.

Here’s how I explain what I do to my family back in Canada:

I’m a marketing specialist who helps companies build and strengthen the relationships they have with their customers. In other words, I help create deep, emotional connections.

Studies show that people make purchase decisions based on how they feel. When someone chooses Lyft over Uber, they are making a statement about themselves - about what they believe in.

Great brands know this. They make it clear what they stand for and people who share that same passion reward them with loyalty. They transform customers into advocates. They create communities.

This is what I do.

For over a decade I’ve helped startups bring big ideas to life, and large organizations refocus and reconnect with their customers. Sometimes that means creating a brand from scratch, others it means helping an established brand build the right digital platforms and tools.

Over the years I’ve won a few awards but my proudest achievements are in the longevity of the brands I’ve helped build and the successes my clients have had when we’ve managed to tap into something special.

Today, I’m the Chief Creative Officer at We Make Things, a brand strategy agency that’s reimagining the way brands are built.