Midtown BIA

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In 2015, the newly formed Midtown Yonge Business Improvement Area (BIA) reached out looking for help to brand the neighbourhood. They had seen the work we did with other BIA’s in Toronto and knew we could help.

What made this project unique was the neighbourhood itself - or lack thereof. The Midtown BIA is made up of roughly 8 blocks of dense commercial and residential property undergoing significant redevelopment. Locals live in well-off residential areas behind the busy street but with 4 lanes of traffic and congestion, Midtown lacked the people-friendly vibe other BIAs enjoyed.

With help from folks at the BIA, we gathered as much data and history as we could to better understand our current and future residents. Our insights told us to focus on working professionals and suggested that a smart, modern brand would resonate best.

This strategy fit as we also found that the term ‘Midtown’ was associated with words like modern, metropolitan, and of course, Manhattan. It felt bustling and stylish.

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Our design team created dozens of logos before creating one that we felt fit perfectly. It was simple, iconic and subtly brilliant — the letter ‘T’ stacked and rounded to create Toronto’s iconic CN Tower.

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‘Meet In The Middle’ became the new brand tagline. We liked the idea of positioning Midtown as a place in the middle of the action. A busy, modern neighbourhood located in the heart of Canada’s largest city.

Today, the BIA continues to lay seeds for the future. As condos and mixed-use buildings welcome new residents, BIA branded street banners, pole wraps and planters meet them at every corner.

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