Grape Capital Group


 Grape Capital Group (GCG) is a private lender that specializes in second mortgages. Based in downtown Toronto, the company works with independent mortgage brokers to help homeowners unlock the equity in their home.

In the summer of 2017, GCG approached us with a lofty challenge - “Help us show people we’re a second mortgage lender people can trust.” In an industry known for predatory practices and classic taglines like ‘everyone’s approved’, this was no easy task.

GCG Lamp.png

We began with research. We needed to get inside the head of a mortgage broker. We needed to feel the stress of a borrower. So we teamed up with a research partner and over several weeks we conducted a series of in-depth, qualitative Interviews with borrowers and brokers.

Our conversations were transformed into insights and those insights built the foundation of our brand strategy.

We developed a positioning statement, a mission statement and framed brand values. We created a brand stand and a strategy to put that stand into action. And then we built a visual identity to pull it all together.

Grape Logo Concepts.png

Throughout our process, we created hundreds of logos. Some inspired by history or finance; some by the emotions we aimed to evoke. The clear choice was a logo that featured three castles built within the brand’s acronym (GCG). The castles symbolize security and trust. The open door implies kindness and transparency.

GCG Stamp.png
GCG Brand Guidlines - Inside - shaddow.png
GCG Brand Guidlines2.png

The result was a brand that positioned GCG as lender who operated differently. While others conducted business as usual, GCG would go the other way. They would lead by example and introduce Canadians to a financial company that’s invested in reshaping the second mortgage experience.

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