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Camp Tech

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Back in 2012, my team and I were approached by Toronto-based web designer/developer, Avery Swartz. Avery was building a new kind of education company and was looking for a creative partner to help develop a name and visual identity. Her dream was to create hands-on courses where everyday people could learn practical skills related to things like graphic design, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Flash forward to today and this little idea has helped thousands of people from across Canada learn a skill needed to advance a career or run a small business.

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When we first sat down with Avery, she was quick to point out her niche and the uniqueness of her idea. As a website designer, she was spending hours every week educating clients on things they could do themselves with some additional digital knowhow. If only there was an affordable workshop where she could send her clients to learn how to resize a JPEG or make a minor adjustment to a WordPress website.

We used this insight (and a pretty extensive competitor analysis) to generate over a hundred different company names. We played with words like ‘Academy’ and ‘Lab’ before realizing that the name we were looking for needed to be playful and stand apart from the world of academia. This wasn't school, this was education through play.

This realization spurred more names, eventually leading us to our clear winner - Camp Tech.

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The Camp Tech logo is a mix of old and new - a traditional camp badge outline with a pixelated fire at the center. The badge approach also left the door open for course branding - nudging students to explore more courses and collect more badges.

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With Camp Tech, Avery’s gone on to become one of North America’s top tech leaders. Today she’s the resident tech expert on CTV Your Morning, a contributor for Chatelaine, Today's Parent and The Globe and Mail, and author of the forthcoming book See You on the Internet: Building Your Small Business with Digital Marketing.

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